Dear Students,
Jagannath Institute Of Engineering & Technology (JIET), one of the pioneering Degree Engineering college of Odisha has been set up since 1996. It aims at blossoming the budding engineering talents infusing sweet and sonorous aroma to be spread all over the globe. The laboratories and workshops of each departments of the college have been well furnished with the latest developed technologies and tools as required by BPUT syllabus. High frequency internet facility has been provided to the campus for everyone's use. There is a very good library endowed with e-journals and scientific magazines. Healthy academic milieu is maintained with the fructified leadership of the reverend principal who is an eminent academician and worthy engineer of our state.

JIET has achieved such a glory and great due to the sincere and co-operative efforts of our highly qualified teaching and non-teaching staff. As this institution has continued its pace of growth, it brings laurels for our country.
Wishing bright future and all success in life.

Shri S.K. Mohanty
Receiver -Cum-Tahasildar, Tangi-Choudwar

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