College Discipline

  • High standard of discipline is maintained in general and in the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular areas.
  • Any act that brings defame to the institution is considered to be a misconduct. Students shall have to maintain discipline and decorum both inside and outside the institute premises.
  • They shall abide by the rules and regulations of the institution and university and shall not indulge in any objectionable conduct such as breach of discipline, disobedience, reprehensible conduct and disorderly behaviour including ragging.
  • They must extend courtesy and cooperation to all the employees of the institution, in fact to everyone. If it is found that a student has committed an offence, he/she will be asked for explanation. Under unsatisfactory explanation, the Principal of the institute being the disciplinary authority may take the disciplinary actions such as imposition of fines, suspension and rustication from the college as he deems fit.
  • Continuous absence, involvement in criminal activities, possession of weapons, consumption or possession of drugs and liquor, instigating or participating in strikes, non compliance with college rules etc will be considered as act of indiscipline.

Dress Code

Boys: All boy students in the campus are required to dress neatly according to their dress code as decided by the management. All boy students are expected to wear Shoes only. Jeans and T- shirts are not allowed.

Girls: All girl students are required to wear churidar with dupata according to their dress code.

Identity Card

Each Student shall be provided with an identity card which is valid till the completion of the course. Candidates are instructed to safely preserve their identity cards. The ID is required to prove a student belongs to the institution and to avail college transport.

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