The Origin & Growth

In Odisha People have sought out more for higher technical learning since 90s and colleges were few. The College was founded by individuals representing varied denominations with a vision to become a Global leader in imparting Technical Education with Research and Development activities with creativity and invention for betterment of the nation. Its stated purpose was, and is, to provide "for the higher technical education of students in a conducive environment" and to make the balanced development of the student. Presently this vision is taking shape to a large extent. JIET was founded in 1996 and admitted its first class in the June of that year at Radhakishorpur, khuntuni campus. In the same year, the College moved its campus from Radhakishorpur, khuntuni to New Industrial Estate, Jagatpur, Cuttack to provide better facility and easy access to students. Now JIET is located in the lap of New Industrial Estate, Jagatpur, Cuttack & on the bank of the sacred river Mahanadi in a picturesque place away from the frenetic din of the city and is an ideal conducive place for academic pursuits like class-room studies and research. It is situated in territorial jurisdiction of the municipal corporation of Cuttack, the Silver City of India which has celebrated a thousand years of its existence 18 years ago. The new college building was inaugurated by Prof. D. Acharya, the then Vice Chancellor of BPUT on 11th September' 2003. It is the second oldest Private Engineering college of Odisha and considered as the pride of Odisha. Since then education has vastly changed. The degrees themselves have gone from those focusing on "rhetoric" to focusing on "computer science". More women now enroll and graduate than men. After admitting those first few test-takers, in eighteen years JIET has helped many students to excel in their career by successfully transitioning their college careers to corporate levels. Over the years, JIET College has continued to stress the values of individual concern and growth, reliance on the students' desire to learn, flexibility in the process of that learning, and a rigorous academic program in the best traditions of the liberal technology. Right from its inception, the College Board was created to expand access to higher technical education. At present JIET is responding effectively to the problems of smaller enrolments, an altered pattern of student interests and the demands of an inflationary economy by adopting a long-range plan for the improvement of the campus, enhancement of extra-curricular life development, expansion of the endowment resources of the college. Clear in its commitment to carrying out such a wide-ranging and historic mission, and led by our Receiver, JIET is proud to celebrate its 18th anniversary and look ahead to the achievements to come. In the words of college alumnus Gopa Bandhu Jena, "JIET is the best place where one can prosper from every angle".

JIET Today

JIET is accredited by BPUT to award the Bachelor's degrees in Engineering. Also JIET is approved by AICTE and is recognized by Govt. Of Odisha. About 90 percent of the faculty holds earned Master degrees. Jagannath Institute of Engineering & Technology (JIET) family is formed by highly experienced personalities, Professors & young, dynamic and dedicated staff members. All of them are promising in their duties to touch the mission of the institute.

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