Student Activities

Curricular Activity
The College conducts a variety of student activities. These activities are aimed not only at developing the students and bringing out the full potential in them but also at inculcating in them the spirit of entrepreneurship. The College encourages the students to participate in these curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities including cultural and sports activities. Institute provides various sports materials like carom board, table tennis, chess, badminton, cricket etc to student hostel which meet their needs to prepare for various inter college events. The cultural events conducted like the annual festival provide a platform for the creatively skilled students.

Blood Donation Camp
To synthesize students believing in selfless service, the college organises blood donation camps from time to time under Red Cross where students and staffs voluntarily donate blood.

Literary Association
Often the creative literary talent of the students remains dormant for the lack of exposure to the technique of creative writing. For this JIET organises various creative writing competitions on varied topics to foster the creative literary talent of the promising young writers. The best works from students are showcased in the college magazine "Spectrum" which is published time to time.

Technical Activities
To hone the technical skills and abilities of budding engineers the institute encourages formation of student chapters of associated international technical societies like IEEE and Elseveir. Also students are encouraged to actively organize technical events throughout the year.

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